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Tipreel.com Terms of use
By using Tipreel.com you agree to these terms.
When reading the below terms of use, the words us, we, our, and team refer to the Tipreel company, Tipreel.com and its managing associates.
Our Rights:    We reserve the right not to post or accept a video that we deem explicit, possibly life threatening, not helpful, poor quality, exceeding video length restrictions, offensive to any religious, race, ethic, sexual orientation group, or deemed unfit by us. Continued acts of violations of these restrictions by any user of Tipreel can result in that user being suspended or banned from use of Tipreel for a time period determined by Tipreel management and or web security team.
User Comments:    Registered users of Tipreel can comment on any and all videos on Tipreel that the user chooses. Derogatory, explicit, discriminatory, spam or any comments that we deem unfit for the video being commented on or for the Tipreel website will be removed by us from the comments section upon our awareness of the comment(s). Continued posting of comments by Tipreel user(s) we deem unfit will result in suspension for a determined period of time by us of the user that posted the comments. Or we will ban the user permanently from using Tipreel. Penalty for comments deemed unfit by us will be decided by us. Links shared in user Comments will not be accepted and will be blocked from being shared. 
Trademarked and copyrighted content:    Any trademarked or copyrighted content shared on Tipreel through video content or through user comments will be flagged and removed upon our awareness of the item being shared on the Tipreel website. Under no circumstances will trademarked or copyrighted information be allowed to be shared on Tipreel unless through authorized activities approved by Tipreel management and the owner(s) of the copyrighted and or trademarked information being shared. 
Spam:    Spam of any kind received by Tipreel will be deleted and removed from our website. Any users registered with Tipreel submitting spam to Tipreel or to any of the other users of Tipreel will be subject to suspension of their account and the possibility of being banned from using Tipreel. Tipreel reserves the right to use anti spam software and related technologies to help prevent spam on the Tipreel website. 
Tips Shared:   It is your responsibility as a user of Tipreel.com to judge for your self if any or all video tips shared on Tipreel.com are helpful. You, the user of Tipreel.com, assumes all risk of  any outcomes of using, applying, following, imitating or abiding by the video tips shared on Tipreel.com. Tipreel does not assume any responsibility for damage to property, personal injury, loss of life, or causing any medical conditions due to the Tipreel.com user applying any of the shared video tips on Tipreel.com. As a user of Tipreel.com, if you choose to follow or apply any video tips shared on Tipreel.com, you do so at your own risk.
Epilepsy (seizure disorder):    Some videos shared on Tipreel.com may trigger or cause epilepsy or symptoms related to epilepsy. By using Tipreel.com and viewing the videos posted and shared on Tipreel.com you assume the risk of possibly triggering epilepsy or symptoms related to epilepsy. Tipreel does not assume any liability or responsibility for causing any episodes or symptoms related to epilepsy.
Video Rules:    The number of video views may not reflect real time actual views at all times. Video stats are updated daily at the discretion of Tipreel. Number of video views are an exact count at the time of update and not an estimate. All uploaded videos to Tipreel.com must not exceed 30 seconds in video length. Any videos uploaded, that exceed 30 seconds in length will not be posted to Tipreel.com, and the uploading account holder will be notified of the video not being posted and why the video was not posted to Tipreel.com. See Our rights, spam and user comments terms for complete video rules. 
Tipreel.com Website Security:    Tipreel reserves the right to protect Tipreel.com with the use of website security technology and any other means we deem necessary to help in the prevention of illegal or unauthorized hacking or intrusion of Tipreel.com. Our top priority at Tipreel is the security and protection of our website and our user’s information.  We cannot guarantee that illegal hacking, unauthorized intrusions, and breaches of user data of Tipreel will not happen.  Users of Tipreel.com will be notified of any unauthorized data breaches or illegal intrusions of Tipreel.com within 24 hours of our discovery of the illegal or unauthorized activities as stated.
External Website Links:    External website links are website addresses that may be posted on a website that link to an external website other than the hosting website. Use caution when clicking, following or using external website links posted by users on Tipreel.com. We recommend all users of tipreel.com only follow external website links approved by us. External website links that are approved by us will appear on Tipreel.com business pages, and will be preceded by the term business website. We will remove any unapproved external website links within 24 hours posted on Tipreel.com once they are noticed by us or brought to our attention. 
Maintenance, website down times and website crashing:    Tipreel management will schedule routine maintenance on Tipreel.com that may cause Tipreel.com to be inaccessible to its users for a designated period of time. All users of Tipreel.com will be notified of any upcoming scheduled maintenance and / or potential down times that may occur. Tipreel.com may crash or may experience down times due to website operating issues. If such issues occur, we are committed to resolving any website operating issues with Tipreel.com as quickly and efficiently as possible. If Tipreel.com crashes, or unexpectedly is inaccessible for any period of time, All users of Tipreel.com will be notified of the outage or website crash and the status of any available resolutions. 
Popular Videos:    Videos posted on the home page of Tiprrel.com listed under the “Popular Tips” title are chosen by Tipreel management. All videos posted under the popular tips title are chosen on the basis of most number of views. No matter the category of the video being uploaded, only the top 10 most viewed videos will be posted under the home page title of popular tips. Videos on Tipreel.com that are promoted as an paid advertisement will not be listed under the popular tips title on the home page of Tipreel.com no matter how many views the paid advertisement has accumulated. 
Recent Tips:    Videos posted on the home page of Tipreel.com listed under the “Recent Tips” title are chosen by Tipreel management under the basis of the time the video was uploaded, and if the video was accepted by us based on our rights in accepting video uploads. Only the 10 most recent videos uploaded and accepted by us will be listed at a time and the posting for recent video tips can change frequently based on the frequency of video uploads and acceptance of video uploads.